I always thought I would be a writer. But then I was touched by the power of images and I quickly fell for photography. It may sound dramatic, but I can honestly say that photography has changed my life. I’m convinced that it has brought me closer to people I know and also to the people I had never met until the moment I showed up with my camera. I even met my husband while working at the San Francisco Examiner newspaper, when we would go out on assignments together as photographer and reporter. In my nearly eight years in photojournalism, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people in their most emotional moments.

After leaving the newspaper, I have been busy finding ways to continue to express my photographic vision through work in portraits, events, food, travel, weddings and everything in between. I am a recent Oakland transplant, born and raised in San Francisco, with brief stints in Shanghai and New York. I am always inspired by my next travel destination, my next meal and my next photographic journey. My goal as a photographer has always been to try to identify and capture intimate moments as honestly as I can. Photography, at its best, has the power to capture something unexpected and significant in people. It can also change your life in ways that you cannot predict—and I hope that you feel that way too.